1. People Running on PathMany companies that form the foundation of our local economy were started in Innovation Park—several still operate here, employing hundreds of people.
  2. Innovation Park has a 1.39 mile walking trail loop, along with several other trails, and is connected directly to downtown and Penn State’s campus by biking and walking paths.
  3. Companies in Innovation Park have access to top resources, talent, and technology for half the cost of Silicon Valley.
  4. Daybridge Child Development Center, a NAEYC accredited childcare center for kids ages 6 weeks through school age, is located right in Innovation Park for employees in need of high quality childcare.
  5. coolBlue Community programs at Innovation Park bring together employees for health and fitness, networking, and social events.

No Need to Sacrifice When Working in Happy Valley
The small town in Central Pennsylvania allows for an ideal work/life balance

State College, or Happy Valley as it’s more affectionately called, truly offers the top-notch quality of life you’re looking for. We’ve received numerous national awards for our small town atmosphere, sense of community, and connection to world-class research facilities at Penn State. Happy Valley is the place where work and personal life are priorities and both are richly rewarding.

What’s in Happy Valley for you?

Access to Resources
Innovation Park at Penn State offers many programs to help guide and fund start-up companies. The Ben Franklin TechCelerator and the Small Business Development Center provide help in recruiting top talent, accessing technology and other resources, and forming a solid business plan. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you’ve got a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Flexibility for your Family
State College offers over 35 daycare facilities and a variety of schools for your children. State College Area School District is one of the best in the state; the school earned a silver medal in U.S. News and World Report’s premiere ranking of the nation’s best high schools in 2008 and was rated one of the “Top High Schools in the Country” by Newsweek magazine in 2007. For those interested in Catholic education, State College offers some viable options including Our Lady of Victory Catholic Elementary School and Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy.

A Short Commute
Living and working in State College gives you an added sense of flexibility. When home, work, and your child’s daycare or school are all within a short distance, you’re available if need be. With less travel, you can quickly make it home from work for family time.

Recreation & Entertainment
State College may have a small-town feel, but there’s never a lack of entertainment. Whether your interests are football and tailgating, hiking/biking/camping, or arts, Central PA has something to offer.

Penn State tailgating is just tradition here in Happy Valley, but there’s more than tailgating in the fall. Centre County offers over 44 parks (including 5 state parks), youth and adult recreation programs, and all kinds of community events and festivals. There’s also multiple wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the area.

If your interests lie in the arts, there’s certainly something here for you.

Performing Arts:

  • The Center for the Performing Arts
  • The Playhouse
  • The Pavilion
  • The State Theatre

Art Galleries:

  • Gallery Shop
  • Green Drake Gallery & Arts Center
  • Palmer Museum of Art

There’s also several crafts and arts festivals, including the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, one of the top shows in the nation.

State College is a town fueled by and filled with innovation, but it’s also a family town. Don’t have a family yet? There are plenty of social organizations and networking events for young professionals. The area also features public transportation such as CATA buses, fine dining, a vibrant nightlight, and networking opportunities—making this a great home for young professionals just beginning their careers.

Happy Valley has something for everyone, making it the best place for your business, you, and your family.

Maureen L. Mulvihill co–founded Actuated MedicalHow government grants fueled our product launch

Entrepreneurs want to make a difference.

When we started Actuated Medical (AMI), we knew the right technologies integrated into the right medical devices would help patients. We had big ideas and devices we were pursuing but then Paul Frankhouser said, “You know what you need to do? You need to clear clogged feeding tubes.”

We knew that was a great idea but we had no money to develop the device on our own. Angel and VC investors were not willing to fund us because the idea was too early and unproven. Ben Franklin provided seed funding the year before but could not offer anything additional.

So where could we find money? The National Science Foundation and the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to the rescue! TubeClear was on its way!

Startup Focuses on the Tech Needs for SchoolsAfter posting spectacular growth for seven years, Schoolwires announces merger with Blackboard Inc.
By Eileen Wise

When Founder and Chairman of Schoolwires, Ed Marflak, started the company in April of 2000, he knew he had a good idea, a strong team, and a clear vision. But he did not foresee just how rapidly the company would grow—at a rate of 20-30% annually. For the past seven years in a row Schoolwires has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US.  

Jeremy FrankJust a few hours from 20 percent of the country’s manufacturing and industrial infrastructure, a few blocks from campus, and a bike ride away from home, there’s no place else KCF Technologies would rather be.
By Jodie Dello Stritto

Born out of Penn State’s Center for Acoustics and Vibration, KCF is a true story of technology transfer or, as CEO Jeremy Frank said, “taking ideas from the lab to the world.” It’s a process that’s not for the weak in spirit. 

Listen to Frank tell KCF’s history and you’ll learn it requires determination, flexibility, support and at times, even a little soul-searching. After some highs, lows and a couple of key pivots, KCF is making it work by relying on its core expertise and continuing to keep close ties with the university and the resources it offers, Frank said.