Now, by drawing a line on your iPad or iPhone, you can fly a drone anywhere you want. Ares Drones, a new drone manufacturing startup, has made the process of a flying a drone simpler and more automated—so automated that a toddler could do it. This technology has the potential to make drones a part of our everyday lives. The app also follows FAA regulations for flight safety. The app will warn you of bad weather conditions and if you’ve drawn your flight path through a no-fly zone. These safety features will be updated regularly as the FAA and local authorities regulate airspace.

Want see how it works? On Kickstarter, you can watch a video about this revolutionary app and choose to back this project financially.

Article from Centere Daily Times.

Ben Hall can show the world the chemistry inside anything.

Cement. A human bone. A wheel bug.

Hall’s company, Lasers for Innovative Solutions, puts objects in a whole new light.

The technology he uses — a combination of a picosecond laser, optics and fluorescent imaging — can take us through a journey we could only imagine by watching “The Magic School Bus” 20 years ago.

“This is our baby right here,” Hall said earlier this week with his hand on what looked like an ordinary metal box. “It’s our picosecond laser, in that it produces a trillionth of a second-long pulses that are millions of watts. When you pulse that down onto surfaces of any material it will vaporize it.”

A camera focused on the object being vaporized takes pictures, which pop up on a computer screen in ultraviolet colors. The images are made into a video of 2D and 3D models.

SilcoTek to Pay Back Ben Franklin’s Investment Early: Money Will Fund Three Other Startups SilkoTek’s steady climb to success has paid off for the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, who agreed to fund this startup in 2009. SilcoTek was born out of Restek Performance Coatings (RPC), a business unit of Restek that was acquired by local entrepreneur Paul Silvis and a group of RPC employees.

The Ben Franklin TechCelerator, housed in Innovation Park, was announced as the first of 26 recipients to receive a 2014 Regional Innovation Strategies program grant. Penn State received a $500,000 i6/Cluster Grant for Seed Capital Funds to help further develop the TechCelerator.

Driven by Penn State president Eric Barron, Penn State is launching a series of new initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across the state. Among these initiatives is the Penn State Summer Founders Program, which provides six teams of entrepreneurs (including at least one Penn State student each) with $10,000 grants to pursue their startups between May 18 and August 1 in State College. Thanks to this program, students will have the space and the funding to run with their innovative ideas and to spend a summer focusing on their start-ups. Barron hopes to create the future generation of Penn State entrepreneurs with this program and others like it.