A Recap from Associate VP of Research James Delattre

The Inside Story on the Inaugural Invent Penn State Venture & IP ConferenceJames Delattre, Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Office of Entrepreneurship, addressed a networking luncheon in the park’s Technology Center to debrief the group on the results of Penn State’s recently concluded Venture & IP Conference.

“We had 585 attendees at the conference. We were going to declare victory if we got 300, so that just tells you there was a great response from the university community and from places far away,” Delattre said, reporting that attendees came from all across North America.

Food Trucks Serve Up Brain Food for Innovation ParkThree local food trucks are making sure that the minds of Innovation Park’s entrepreneurs stay well-fueled. The trucks, Food For Thought, Street Meat, and World’s Fare Catering, serve Innovation Park four days a week from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The food trucks are one perk of Innovation Park’s coolBLUE Community. Setting up at two different locations during prime lunch hours, the trucks are a quick and easy lunch option for the park’s busy inhabitants. But their popularity comes from more than just convenience; they are all serving unique and top-notch food.

Check out the results from Invent Penn State's first Venture & IP Conference!

Venture & IP Conference: By the Numbers

New Portfolio Tool from Live It Benefits Students and Prospective EmployersKerry Small is issuing an invitation to an intentional college experience. His platform, Live It, is a three-dimensional portfolio allowing users to create, capture, and share not just their credentials, but themselves. What results is a collective representation of experiences that shape students’ development; it’s a story of the people they become across the pursuit of a college degree; it’s the vision of the futures they will create after graduation.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to provide employers and their prospective employees—college students—with a better system for getting to know each other to evaluate the quality of a future relationship. Students have a platform for organizing and sharing a broad portfolio of activities that complement their studies, and employers see a depth of information about students’ engagement during their college years that provides a depth of knowledge greater than a transcript and a resume.

Many Promising Matches Made at the Venture & IP Conference

Invent Penn State’s Venture & IP Conference brought over 500 investors, inventors, and start-ups together on October 6 and 7. It was an opportunity for the best and brightest of Penn State’s students and researchers—as well as local residents and researchers and companies from across the country—to seek investment, licensing, or collaboration to further their already impressive work.

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