BioMagnetic Solutions Seeks to Revolutionize Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment with New Generation of Magnetic Cell Separation TechnologyPaul Liberti, who founded BioMagnetic Solutions in 2011, is no stranger to the life sciences. A trailblazer in magnetic cell separation, Liberti now seeks to cultivate cutting-edge ferrofluid technology that could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

In the 1980s, Liberti became a pioneer in the world of magnetic cell sorting with the invention of novel magnetic nanoparticles. Upon this invention, he founded Immunicon. The company’s early discoveries garnered enthusiasm in the research community; the technology, branded CellSearch, was acquired by the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. J&J eventually abandoned development of the technology.

Today, Liberti has rebooted this venture. “In my previous career, we were doing the applications, but we didn’t realize there were better ways to do what we were doing,” he said.

Going Green: Local Distillery Earns Environmental DistinctionKevin Lloyd watches as whiskey barrels that look like they might burst at the rivets are loaded into Big Spring Spirits’ warehouse in Bellefonte: 141 in total.

Lloyd, co-owner and the distillery’s production manager, says they’ll have to use an offsite facility to store barrels eventually. For now, the red brick building that was originally part of the Pennsylvania Match Company, does a fine job of storing batches, housing the equipment to make it, and providing space for a classy tasting room complete with a long bar, comfy chairs, and a swordfish on the wall.

“It really speaks to reuse, recycle, repurpose,” Lloyd says of the building. “It’s ideal for us. It’s right on the park on one side. It has a big garage door loading dock on the other end. It’s just this really cool building with all this character and so on.”

SBDC, Community Celebrate Entrepreneurship with National Small Business WeekSince 1963, the President of the United States has officially proclaimed the first week of May National Small Business Week in recognition of American small business owners and entrepreneurs. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses create two out of three new jobs annually in the U.S., and over half of Americans work for or own a small business. National Small Business Week, from May 1 – 7, honors the contributions of small businesses on the nation in creating jobs, driving innovation, and positioning the U.S. for competitive success in the global economy. 

Invent Penn State: Facilitating Connections and Creating an Ecosystem Where Entrepreneurs Can Thrive In just its first year of operation, the Invent Penn State initiative has created or strengthened several new promising programs to support a culture of entrepreneurship in the Penn State community across the Commonwealth.

According to Nena Ellis Koschny, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications for Invent Penn State, there is daily work being done to continue to grow the initiative and its eco-system.  

“What we do is look at the gaps in resources—space, funding for commercialization, investment, a lack of business training—and we work to facilitate the creation of resources,” Koschny said. 

Invent Penn State, she explained, aims to create, coordinate, improve, and communicate about entrepreneurship-focused academic programs, business startup training, space for incubation, funding for commercialization (intellectual property licensing or startups), and visibility and access to Penn State programs, intellectual property, and startups.

A hidden Innovation Park gem is operating 24/7 to bring life-saving alerts to a 33-county area. 

Between social media, newspapers, and TV broadcasts, there is no shortage of weather-related information floating around. Providers boast top-notch technologies that ensure precise and timely data. But if the only way to stay ahead of the storm would be to constantly refresh an Internet browser, how often would we be blindsided? What if we stepped away from the screen for a moment too long, missing the memo on an upcoming tornado or flashflood? 

Cue the National Weather Service (NWS). They’re responsible for the public advisories, watches, and warnings that are streamed with no initiative required on our part. They bring us information about imminent, potentially catastrophic weather conditions in time to stay off the road and seek shelter.