A timelapse camera is set up at the construction site of 310 Innovation Boulevard. Since the groundbreaking in June, the camera has captured the fast build time, from the tilt-up walls that were cast on the foundation and lifted into place, to the single-story, 17-foot-high ceilings that allow for tall equipment. The exterior design that rises from bare earth in the timelapse video — as groundbreaking and innovative as it is — is just the beginning of the story at 310 Innovation Boulevard.

Consider a world where you dent your car in an acci­dent and, instead of heading to the body shop, you head to your local 3-D printer, where, with the right specs, they’re able to print you a new panel. Many might think such a world is far off, but Michael Hickner, the new co-director of Penn State’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP- 3D) contends we’re almost there.

Water conservation and food production are ever-growing global concerns and a researcher from Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has devised a method to efficiently irrigate crops without wasting water.

Penn State is helping develop the next generation of business innovation leaders and entrepreneurs, with the introduction of a new master’s program beginning this January.