September 6, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Press Bistro/Cambria Courthouse:
110 Franklin Street, Johnstown, PA

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How an expert hammock camper became an entrepreneur.

One-hour technical demo by expert hammock camper and entrepreneur

Noon, Thursday August 23

Myth: You can’t be comfortable lying in a hammock due to the “banana” position.

Expert hammock camper Thom “Dutch” Ressler visits from Lancaster for a one-hour technical session on the exceptional comfort of a diagonal “flat ly” provided by a quality hammock and sleep system. Keep reading to learn about this entrepreneur’s unique path to creating minimalist hiking and camping gear for hammock enthusiasts.


August 21, 2018


Room 243

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August 28

First seating is 11:30 a.m.

Second seating is 12:30p.m.

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How an expert hammock camper became an entrepreneur.

Incubator company founders are invited to hear how expert hammock camper, Thom “Dutch” Ressler of Lancaster, PA, turned his love of backpacking and hammock camping into a $1.6 million outdoor gear company in just seven years.

3:30 PM, August 23