Three local food trucks are making sure that the minds of Innovation Park’s entrepreneurs stay well-fueled. The trucks, Food For Thought, Street Meat, and World’s Fare Catering, serve Innovation Park four days a week from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The food trucks are one perk of Innovation Park’s coolBLUE Community. Setting up at two different locations during prime lunch hours, the trucks are a quick and easy lunch option for the park’s busy inhabitants. But their popularity comes from more than just convenience; they are all serving unique and top-notch food.

Food For Thought is a true melting pot, bringing the best of the world’s street foods right to State College. From international items like Korean Pulled Pork and Curry Chicken Salad Wraps, to American favorites like Smoked Gouda Mac-n-Cheese, there is something for everyone. Food For Thought also serves sweet treats like the S’more Sandwich and French Toast Sticks with Cayenne-Maple Syrup, and incorporates new specials each week.

Innovation Park became one of Food For Thought’s first selling destinations when owners Mitch and Sharyn Angle started. Now going on their third year of operation, they have had wonderful feedback ever since.

Food trucks are great for quick fixes but with quality, made-from-scratch ingredients. Like the quote, ‘It’s not fast food, but good food, fast.'

What makes food trucks so special, Mitch says, is that they serve high-quality food made by people who truly care about what they do.

“Food trucks are great for quick fixes but with quality, made-from-scratch ingredients,” he said. “Like the quote, ‘It’s not fast food, but good food, fast.’”

Street Meat, based out of Bellefonte, offers meals with grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, plus an array of other comfort foods. Customers can choose between sandwiches like the Angus Burger and Gourmet Grilled Cheese, sides like hand-cut French fries and mac & cheese, and desserts like milkshakes and homemade pie. Street Meat also serves breakfast sandwiches all day, as well as delicious daily specials.

Owners Susan Smith-Shannon and Kerry Shannon started Street Meat in May 2016, and have been serving Innovation Park since August. The inspiration for Street Meat came when Susan and Kerry found themselves with an excess of fresh meats produced from their farm, and suddenly realized they could find a much better way to share it with people.

“One thing I am most proud of is that we raise the meat we serve on the truck,” said Susan. “It truly is ‘farm to food truck.’”

The Street Meat team is currently putting the finishing touches on a second truck, which will open soon and serve soups, salads, and subs.

There are a lot of great options for locally produced foods here in Centre County, but one thing I am most proud of is that we raise the meat we serve on the truck. It truly is ‘farm to food truck.'

World’s Fare Catering, the newest truck to join the park, is a hub of global flavors of all kinds. Calling on his diverse culinary background—including Mexican roots, training in Paris, Asian cooking experience, and three restaurants under his belt—owner Michael Marx, along with his wife Jennifer, serves comfort cuisine from all over the world. With different items on the menu each week, customers can always expect something totally fresh and exciting. Polish pierogi, Greek gyros, Mexican taquitos, Thai soup… Only at World’s Fare can you find all of this in one place.

Marx seconds Mitch’s statement about the quality and care that goes into food truck meals, and says they truly make a team effort to support each other.

“It is the epitome of small-business—the epitome of fresh and local,” said Marx.

Food For Thought, Street Meat, and World’s Fare have nothing but five-star ratings and rave reviews on their Facebook pages, and the truck owners are enjoying the ride just as much as their customers.

“Things have been great so far,” said Susan. “We are having a great time serving at Innovation Park.”