Park tenant CIMP-3D is hosting its open house this Thursday, June 15! All Park employees, friends and family are invited to attend, and enjoy the faculty presentations and distinguished speakers, including Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, CEO DMB Mori USA, and Mr. Neal Orringer, VP Alliances and Partnerships 3D Systems Corporations. In addition, student research posters will be on display, and visitors can even take a tour of the new CIMP-3D Laboratory.

“The main goal/objective for the event is to open up our additive manufacturing (AM) facility so that people can see/tour the new lab space and state-of-the-art equipment, which includes a hybrid manufacturing system from DMG Mori that deposits (adds) material and also machines (subtracts) material to create finished parts and a multi-material 3D printer that can print any combination of eight polymers at a time,” said Timothy Simpson, co-director, CIMP-3D.  

“We are also inviting several faculty speakers to share their AM research with the Penn State community (our group has gotten so big now that we can’t keep tabs on what everyone is doing in AM and 3D printing!).  So, in short, it’s a celebration of all the cool AM activity at Penn State, and we welcome others to come check it out and see if they want to get engaged!”

The event will be held 10 a.m.-2 p.m., in the Penn Stater Conference Center, at University Park. To register for the event, go to You can find the entire event schedule below.