On November 9, Innovation Park-based company Airnest launched their first iPhone and iPad app that allows users to navigate a drone by drawing a flight path with their finger. The drone follows their desired path on autopilot while capturing video and stills.

Experts say that Airnest’s app is the simplest there is. It’s the easiest on the market, having been specifically designed to decrease the time spent operating the app and increase the time spent on shooting smooth videos and camera stills.

As part of the Invent Penn State Initiative, Penn State is introducing a new incubator located in the old Verizon Building in downtown State College. Through community collaboration, the incubator will help entrepreneurs transform their business concepts into early stage startup companies. By helping startups thrive, Happy Valley LaunchBox drive economic development throughout the area and help State College attract and retain entrepreneurs.

Applications for locating in LaunchBox are being accepted now through December 1. On December 16, the five entrepreneurial teams selected will be announced.

Following Penn State’s announcement of a $1 million EdTech Network as part of President Barron’s $30 Million Invent Penn State Initiative, Penn State held their inaugural EdTech Network Summit.

On November 2, over 45 CEOs of educational technology companies came together at The Penn Stater to discuss partnerships that will enhance student success.

Happy Valley has always been an ideal spot for a startup or for business relocation—simply because of the proximity to Penn State which offers world-class resources and research facilities. In the past few years, the region has become a “hub of economic development."

Thanks to a host of new community organizations and initiatives, like Centre Region Entrepreneur Network (CREN), New Leaf Initiative, and Innoblue (a community of innovators and entrepreneurs at Penn State), local entrepreneurs have access to a support system, a network, and resources that are critical for success.

All of these resources combine to inspire, engage, and empower community members and students interested in entrepreneurship and help them gain access to the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to start and/or grow their business.

Read this full story about the resources for local and aspiring entrepreneurs at www.statecollege.com.

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Outreach.io could easily have settled in Silicon Valley. It’s a high tech organization that has created an exceptionally powerful software platform that is used in managing sales and other workflow issues.

While Outreach has its corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington, its sales workforce is located in Happy Valley, State College, just a short distance from Penn State University.

 “We feel this area is definitely on the way to becoming a new Silicon Valley,” said Theron Glenny, account executive. “Our Vice President of Sales, Mark Kosoglow, gave us an option. We could locate in Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, or State College. Our team chose State College.”