Bob Hicks gets it. After 20 years in corporate finance and the new venture startup industry in New York City, he's back in State College serving as CEO of PerseaNaturals, a company that produces natural food colors from avocado seeds, and as part-time Presbyterian minister in the fly-fishing capital of the state.

When asked about the transition from New York City to Happy Valley, from big finance to a startup in Innovation Park, his answer is simple. It's not either/or, it's both.

Aleo BME, Inc., a graduate of the Ben Franklin TechCelerator program , is happy to be located in Innovation Park and the State College community.

"Since  2015, we have been in the small business incubation program.  For a start up company like us, locating in the Tech Center as an incubator company is perfect. Dr. Chao Liu,  of Aleo BME as CEO, president and one of two creators, said. "The company currently has four full-time and several part-time employees along with  two consultants and a third to be hired soon. We definitely feel like we contribute financially to the community."  Liu said Aleo BME also works with other young start up companies in the area to exchange ideas and talk about the challenges that they face as start-ups.

An 80% scale replica of the Vietnam Wall makes its way to Innovation Park, Oct. 5-8, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, and the WPSU project The Vietnam War: Telling the Pennsylvania Story.

The next time the likes of CNNMoney, the American Institute for Economic Research and Best College Reviews ranks State College as one of the best places to live and launch, they'd do well to get a quote from Paul Sciabica.

With 61 companies launched that have raised more than $20 million in startup funds and generated nearly $8 million in revenue, this proven methodology can work for you too! Ben Franklin’s TechCelerator@State College is inviting area entrepreneurs, researchers and grad students to participate in their next 10-Week Boot Camp. If you have a new, tech-based business idea that you’ve been eager to implement, check out this program. The weekly sessions will be held at 200 Innovation Blvd., and will run on Tuesdays, Sept. 26-Dec. 5, 2017, from 2-4 P.M