Tony De Luca is the senior director at Siemens PLM Software, one of the more recent tenants to join Innovation Park, and already he says that the company is noticing the great difference Innovation Park makes within their work community, by, instead of isolating it, expanding it.

“In our previous office location we were isolated in a single tenant building aside a residential neighborhood,” he says. “It’s great to now be part of a community of professionals where we can interact, whether it be waiting in line at a food truck or looking forward to participating in future park events.”

De Luca and his peers are actually using these newfound connections in an interesting way—to support a worthy cause in a fun (and admittedly tasty) manner.

Employees from the State College Siemens PLM Software Location in front of 331 Innovation Park. From left to right: Dave Scholly, Larry McKernan, Brian Shine, Scot Senyk, Rob Hofford, Mark Doud, Anthony Scharf, Dave Egan, Warren Laube, Kevin Glossner, Dave Mierwald, John Fantaskey, Gal Yaroslavsky, Neha Karing, Deb Nungesser, Pradeep Kumar Thula, Rich De Luca, Tony De Luca, Rick Vaughan, Yinkun Xue, Crystal Miller, Stacie McIntire, Brian Donnelly, and Dan Dressler. 


“Our office is a strong supporter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Our company is also one of the sponsors for the upcoming MS Walk fundraising event that will take place on PSU’s campus April 30,” says De Luca. The Innovation Park location particularly has been affected by the disease, when a friend and coworker passed away in July 2015. “Associated with this event, we are conducting a fundraiser that we are hoping will interest others here in Innovation Park in supporting this great cause.”

As some may know, March 14 is Pi Day, often celebrated in math classes around the country with a healthy helping of everyone’s other favorite pie, whether it be cherry, apple, or any other variety. On this day, De Luca’s team and The Pie Shoppe of Laughlintown, PA, are pairing up to deliver a fresh pie straight to your Innovation Park office door, with the proceeds going toward the MS Walk fundraiser.

“Each baked good is $10 and will make a great office treat or can be taken home for a delicious family dessert,” says De Luca. “We are hoping for strong support from our new Innovation Park neighbors. It’s opportunities like this that make us so excited to be part of the Innovation Park community.”

To get involved, you can place your order with the Siemens PLM Software office through March 1. Click here for the order form.