On May 29, the Ben Franklin TechCelerator@State College awarded a cash prize to the winner of its latest Business Startup Accelerator.

Kevin Houser’s Lyralux is commercializing Dim to Vivid™, a light source technology that enhances colors at low-light levels.

Other presenters included:

• IDEAS+ is a startup that uses machine learning techniques to speed the drug target identification process.

• ColumnTek developed an economic, reliable way to offer a broad range of chiral chromatography columns, packed with chiral stationary phase materials.

• NanoSpec Instruments builds transient spectrometers for researchers in chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science. Their patent-pending technologies are high performing, faster, and less complex.

• spotLESS Materials, LLC is developing easy-to-clean surface coating products for bathroom fixtures that outperform current commercial products and allow for up to a 90% water savings.