Wherever you are on the entrepreneurial path, Invent Penn State has resources you can use to grow. Their signature programs and tools can help you start up and grow a business, find licensable technologies and investment opportunities, and get to know the innovation community.

Invent Penn State has created a family of tools to make IP discovery and entrepreneurship at Penn State even more streamlined and accessible than ever. The Resource Navigator, Startup Navigator and IP Navigator help startups, entrepreneurs and industry partners quickly find what they need through a searchable showcase of Penn State entrepreneurial and innovation resources, Penn State technology available for licensing and startups with Penn State DNA.

Each of these tools are free to use and accessible to anyone regardless of their affiliation with Penn State or geographical locations. The Navigators are available now at invent.psu.edu.

Resource Navigator: Startup funding, mentorship, maker spaces and more

This searchable showcase of entrepreneurship and innovation resources in PSU enables you to quickly navigate a database of more than 150 resources by filtering the results based on the individuals need and where they’re located. You can even submit resources to be added to the database to help future entrepreneurs on their journey. This is the navigator you want if you’re looking for coworking space, specialized tools or training, or access to funding at resourcenavigator.psu.edu.

IP Navigator: Discover technological advances from Penn State researchers

Penn State is one of the top research universities in the country with an annual research budget of $863 million and advances in the fields of medicine, engineering and materials, and more happen at the university every year. The Intellectual Property Navigator showcases these technologies, which run the gamut from a chest splint for respiratory support for preterm newborns to technology to clean up oil-spills quick and even a bioabsorbable foam to treat intracavity and surface wounds. These technologies and more are available for licensing today at ipnavigator.psu.edu.

Startup Navigator: Find startups with Penn State DNA

Penn State has a rich history of entrepreneurship and startups, and the Startup Navigator is a showcase of startups with that Penn State DNA. Did you know OrderUp was founded by Penn State alums after they had launched a similar business in State College called LionMenus? How about that Accuweather, one of the largest weather forecasting companies in the world, was founded by a Penn State faculty member in 1962? Find these and other Penn State startups (or submit your own) by visiting startupnavigator.psu.edu.



What is stands for: Office of Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

What they do: OEC is the administrative home of Invent Penn State and leads the universities economic development activities—acceleration of Penn State Startups, administration of the Fund for Innovation & the Venture & IP Conference, and programming for Penn State's innovation hubs.

What they can do for you: Help you find your next investor. Enroll now for their next Venture & IP Conference on October 3 & 4, 2019. Their inaugural sold out conference showcased over 90 startup ventures—14 from our Penn State community—representing high growth and emerging markets including Advanced Manufacturing, IT, Energy, Biotechnology, Healthcare, B2B and B2C among others. The 2019 conference will be an even bigger draw.

Learning the language

Every profession has their own lingo, and startups and entrepreneurship in central Pennsylvania is no different. Resources in and around the Penn State are largely known by acronyms, quickly turning your next conference or meeting in an alphabet soup. Here's a quick study of some of the top abbreviations, and why they matter to you.




What it stands for: Office of Technology Management

Who they are: Their office walks you through the steps of patenting a new technology. So far, 50 technologies have received $10,000-25,000 proof-of-concept and proof-of-relevance awards.

What they can do for you: They can review your technology for patentability based on the novelty and utility of your invention. Find out more at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




What it stands for: Office of VP of Research

Who they are: The Office of the Vice President for Research is responsible for facilitating the $927-million-per-year research enterprise at Penn State by working with a broad range of units across the University.

What they can do for you: This office covers Innovation Park, Invent Penn State and OIP (see below), so chances are they are already helping you reach goals. Check out research.psu.edu for more about this resource.




What it stands for: Office of Industrial Partnerships

Who they are: With more than 500 active industry partners, Penn State's Office of Industrial Partnerships has the experience and expertise to help with your company's next research project.

What they can do for you: Simply put, they are problem solvers – they foster strategic relationships with industry partners and support Penn State’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.This means that they work closely with the other units within the Office of the Vice President for Research to coordinate sponsored research, technical matchmaking, technology licensing, contracting, research compliance and new venture formation.




What it stands for: Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County

Who they are: They are a membership organization comprising business of all sizes and from a variety of industry sectors, as well as nonprofit agencies and academic institutions.

What they can do for you: Let them champion your business with events, funding, entrepreneurial support and much, much more.




What it stands for:  Small Business Development Centers

Who they are: They are free advisors who provide entrepreneurs with the education, information, and tools necessary to build successful businesses.

What they can do for you: The Penn State SBDC provides one-on-one confidential no-cost business consulting and low-cost seminars to pre-venture, start-up, and existing small businesses located in Centre and Mifflin counties.