It’s fun to reflect on the past decade from our unique vantage point at Innovation Park. We’ve seen big ideas started in garages and basements on maxed out credit cards turn into thriving businesses that solve problems, employ local talent, and serve clients around the world. Likewise we’ve seen the equally good ideas struggle to lift off, despite hard work and dedication. Failure and success, opportunities and challenges, it’s all part of the journey. Being here at the heart of it, what stands out the most are the human connections that turn into valuable partnerships, networks, and even friendships. The foundation of Innovation Park and our startup environment is a community of innovators, dreamers, and supporters, sharing a journey of risk, hard work, discovery, and reward.

In a recent interview with Salimetrics founder Douglas Granger, he said his company – a salivary bioscience company born in what he described as ‘a dark, underequipped basement lab at Penn State University’ –  wouldn’t have succeeded as a startup in California where he currently lives. 

“There are venture capitalists where I’m living now, but they are looking for the next big thing -- the next multi-million dollar idea –   not the next little idea that could grow into something big. I got the support, motivation and encouragement we needed in Innovation Park,” Granger said. Look for the full interview in our first 2020 issue of Journeys.

Doug’s story is one of many–  some being lived out right now, by you! –  that attest to the power of community and human connections. We love celebrating these stories in our Journeys newsletters, and fostering these connections at coolBlue events and other gatherings throughout the year.

Thank you for being part of our community and for making Innovation Park more than just a place to work.

We can’t wait to see what the new decade brings.

From all of us at Innovation Park, happy holidays and Happy New Year!


Dan, Brenda and Michelle