Mike McCluskey, president of InnoH20 Solutions, is nearly two years into his journey with Ben Franklin Technology Partners. In May of 2017, he and Jerry Hudson, a Ben Franklin portfolio manager, began discussions on how InnoH20 may benefit from the support of Ben Franklin. Once they determined there was mutual interest in working together, McCluskey describes the process of working with Ben Franklin as “about as painless as you can get.”

In May , The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference celebrates 25 years of service. A talented and dedicated staff works diligently and passionately to make The Penn Stater an award-winning establishment. Judith Karaky has been at The Penn Stater team for 22 years, with the last 13 as general manager. She tells us the inside scoop of game days, commencement and their conferences. Read on!

For over half a century, PennTAP has been providing an array of programming and technical assistance services that support the business communities of the Commonwealth with a focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses compete and grow. Simply put: they engage the expertise of their advisors and the resources of the University to make an impact in Pennsylvania’s business community. How can they help your business succeed? Read on?

The maker movement is having a moment, bursting into the consciousness of society, throwing its calloused-handed members onto center stage, TEDtalks, and Mike Rowe's social media pages. But don't let all the attention fool you into thinking that it is new. As makers will tell you, it's a love for doing that's as old as time.

Imagine it: you are launching a small business, but bogged down with questions. Or maybe you've already incubated your business and need help to get it to the next level. A free consultant suddenly coming along with answers to your questions and the help you need to succeed.